La Clinica

La Clinica's range of organic beauty products combine cosmetic strength with affordability. At Simply Beauty, we stock a variety of La Clinica's most effective products, including special kit packages which provides our clients savings of up to 40% off individual prices.

We chose La Clinica as it is produced in Australia which means it is formulated for our southern hemisphere skin and also we know it meets the highest quality standards. Our therapists have access to excellent on-going training and troubleshooting advice from a Christchurch based specialised La Clinica Trainer.

Simply Beauty was awarded the 'La Clinica Salon of the Year' in 2012.



Kits containing up to 5 full size skin care products and represent savings of up to 40% discount on individual prices

O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics is formulated from the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmedic science. Made using the most potent, most concentrated active ingredients, in base creams that have a natural and perfect skin affinity, it the recommended choice of many dermatologists and leading salons.

We chose O Cosmedics for its clinically proven list of active ingredients and exceptional packaging. As with La Clinica it is produced in Australia which means it is formulated for our southern hemisphere skin and also we know it meets the highest quality standards. The NZ distributer is located in Christchurch so our therapists have access to excellent on-going training and troubleshooting advice.



  • There are currently 21 products in the range. Here are a few of our best sellers

  • Gentle Anti Oxidant Cleanser

  • Exfoliating Cleanser

  • Immortal Cream

  • Mineral Pro SPF 30+ Tinted


Grow your own incredible lashes with Lilash in 3- 6 weeks. The active ingredient in Lilash was discovered when Glaucoma patients developed long eyelashes during treatment. We trialled LiLash before becoming a stockist and were astounded by how effective it is! It has become one of our top selling products and is used by most of our therapists. We recommend you go for the full size because once you have long lashes you won't want to stop - it is addictive!

Don't forget - you need to think ahead for special occasions to allow time to grow. Once you stop using Lilash you will go back to normal lash growth gradually over approx 4 weeks.

NFD Safety Approved Warning: Beware cheap imitation LiLash as you won't get the same results.



  • Full size - lasts up to 11 months $189

  • Demi size - lasts up to 5 months $119


Librow has the same active ingredient as Lilash but with added tint to fill gaps and create illusion of fullness while your natural brows grow.



  • Full size

  • Demi size

Christian Faye Eyebrows

We chose Christian Faye Eyebrows after we saw for ourselves just how easy it is to get such an amazing result - perfectly shaped eyebrows without any skill at all except the ability to hold a stencil with one hand and use a brush with the other. This is a very quality product made in the Netherlands. It really is a revolutionary system that creates perfectly shaped eyebrows in just seconds. We colour match for you to get the right shade and show you how to apply for a perfect result.

The powder is a super quality water resistant makes up that stays on until you remove it with waterproof makeup remover. Once applied no need for touch ups.

Each compact contains 3 different eyebrow stencils that are especially designed to help as a guide to create thin, natural or thick shaped eyebrows as well as an eyebrow powder and brush. While many eyebrow pencils only come in dark brown or black - Christian Faye comes in 8 Colours to suit everyone whether you want subtle or bold statement eyebrows.



  • Christian Faye Eyebrows

Depil Hair by Natural Look

Depil Hair by Natural Look Hair Reduction Body Milk & Hair Reduction Facial Cream are safe and effective treatment creams with natural papaya extract for the progressive reduction of superfluous and ingrown hair. Regular use will prolong the hair growth cycle and make re-growing hair lighter and finer while inhibiting in-grown hair.

We stock these products because we regularly have clients commenting on how much their hair growth has improved by using them and they return for more. The creams are really nice to use and can be combined with other skincare routines.

Natural Look products are manufactured in Australia. Using Natural Look Depil Hair on a regular basis may start to produce a noticeable difference in 3-6 weeks. Results can vary with individual skin types.



  • Hair Reduction Body Milk

  • Hair Reduction Facial Cream


Prowax Ingrown Hair Cream is an everyday moisturising cream for smoother, more gorgeous skin. Use to calm, hydrate and protect, and prevent blemishes, ingrown hair and small pimple-type breakouts.

Recommended to be used after waxing and hair removal services. Prowax contains lemon myrtle as a highly effective anti-fungal, antiseptic and disinfectant (ideal to prevent infection and also good for cuts and abrasions), as well as coconut oil to hydrate and soften. Comes in a large 240ml bottle so it’s great for larger areas.

Produced in NZ - Prowax is a quality product with proven results at an affordable price - perfect for Simply Beauty!



  • Prowax Ingrown Hair Cream